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Yunnan, southern China, early 20th century: the Chinese revolution was still far away, Mao Tsetung still shitting in his pants and communism not yet really invented.

So this was the time and this was the place when Foo Man-chu opened his first little drug store in the city of Kunming, the city of eternal spring.

His mainstay in these days were opium caravans, bringing the deadly black resin from the mountains of then British India to the Chinese cities, and the gateway for this trade was Kunming.

But soon enough Foo had to find out that his connections were not strong enough to guarantee protection against the mighty drug syndicates, and he had to realize he would not be able to compete with them.

A halfhearted attempt to dabble in balms and potions also failed. His luck turned, when some horsemen from the opium caravans introduced to the “leaf of heavenly delights” - Kratom.

“Sooner or later,” they told Foo, “everybody in the opium trade will fall victim to the drug and become addicted. Luckily Kratom, growing far south of Yunnan, was the best cure for an opium addiction, and readily available”

Foo had found his market niche. Soon he supplied Chinese addicts with a therapy. The business flourished, and in 1929 he founded the first Kratom Superstore in Kunming.

After 1949 Communism put a brake to Foo’s Kratom business.

Just when China started to reintroduce free market economy in the late 70’s, Foo happily passed away at the age of 94, but his family reopened the Kunming Kratom Superstore and soon had a chain all over the country.

1990 started the year when the Foo Family opened their first international Store in Bangkok, and as of today the Foo Kratom Business is operating worldwide, supplying Kratom of the best and highest quality to the needy.

Welcome to the Kratom Superstore!

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